Stay in front of valuable hunting customers for the price of only 3 bags of deer corn per month!

Hi, Richard and Jimmy here!

Thanks for your interest in being a part of the launch of our unique Hunter Feed Store Search!

Our search is designed specifically for feed stores like you to get in front of an extremely valuable customer base, Hunters, and give you greater exposure to them for a fraction of the cost of an ad in the local paper!

We’re really excited to show it to you and we think you’ll agree that it’s a great opportunity with very little risk to get in front of a targeted, high value audience of hunters.

Read on for more….

We’ll Find Your Feed

You may have heard of us as the hosts of the hunting show, the Feed Bandit Podcast, where we love talking all things hunting with amazing hunters and innovative hunting businesses.

Our goal with the podcast is to give innovative hunting businesses a platform to help them boost awareness of their products and services by getting them in front of hunters just like us.

With this unique search tool we wanted to do the same thing for stores just like yours!

Look, we’re just a couple of guys with a love for hunting and small town Texas and would love nothing more than to do our part to help preserve that amazing culture.

Coming from small family owned businesses ourselves we understand that it can be difficult at times to compete with the big box stores such as Walmart, Academy, Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Dick’s, HEB and now Buccee’s (wow…) for the business of hunters so we wanted to figure out a way to help stores like you get an upper hand in that battle.

Did you know…

Academy’s #1 selling SKU during deer season is…

Deer Corn!

That’s why we created Feed Bandit and the Hunter Search.

As you know, more and more business and shopping is being done online and in the hunting world this is no different.

So stores like yours need a better way to get in front of those potential hunting customers.

An ad in the local paper is great but most hunters that pass by your store probably do not pick one up or have a subscription.

And when they Google for a store online they tend to get a bunch of other search results that just aren’t relevant or are dominated by the big box stores.

That’s where Feed Bandit comes in.

Our very unique search tool is designed specifically for hunters to find feed stores just like you!

They can search in a particular area or along the route to their land and find your store along the way.

Search by Area
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Search by Route
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There you’ll have an opportunity to showcase your store and the feed and hunting supplies you have available.

How would you like a place to advertise directly and only to hunters for a fraction of the cost of an ad in the local paper?

Well you can do that right here at Feed Bandit!

Watch how the Hunter Search works

To see what your profile page could look like to hunters, see our profile page example HERE.

How we get the word out

You may be wondering, how do we get the word out and curate potential hunting customers for you?

The Feed Bandit Podcast

A primary way is via our podcast, The Feed Bandit Podcast, where we talk all things hunting and introduce hunters to the most innovative hunting gear and services.

A major theme of our podcast is the need to support small towns and “main street” hunting businesses such as yours.

As we always say on the podcast, “support your local feed store!”

Promotions and Discount Offers on Innovative Hunting Products & Services

We partner with businesses to run promotions and discount offers on their innovative hunting products & services helping them get exposure to a broader audience of potential hunting customers.

Hunting Gift Card & Gear Giveaways

We also run giveaway contests for gift cards, hunting gear and other valuable stuff that grows our hunter community.

Facebook and Google ads

We are constantly running Facebook and Google ads of the search targeted to hunters in the areas where we have stores.

As we launch and continue to promote this search tool rest assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure that every hunter in our community will hear about it and will want to use it every time they head out to their land.

That means your store will be seen often by that highly targeted and valuable potential customer base.

With a community of over 1,200 hunters on our email list (and growing), 5,000+ downloads of our podcast and hunting season firing up we felt now is the time to roll out this search and start allowing stores like you let new potential hunting customers know what you have to offer.

Sound good? Great!

So what’s the deal?

We wanted to give you an opportunity to be part of this very special launch.

By joining now as a Founding Store you’ll get the best deal we’ll ever offer, locked in for life.

Controlling your profile on Feed Bandit is a very powerful and valuable way to stay in front of your customers easily and affordably.

With a Feed Bandit supplier profile you can:

✔ Promote your products & services to hunters

You can advertise your location, contact information, the products you carry and the services you offer and in some cases show their current prices in our search results and on your profile page.

Advertise to a targeted, high value audience

If you fall within the area in which the hunter is searching you will show up in the search results (and at the top with the priority listing offered here) so that you are always in front of the hunters that’ll be passing by your location.

✔ Gain exposure to new customers

More and more hunters now prefer to search the internet for what they need rather than call a store; on Feed Bandit you can be in front of them at all times with your detailed profile page showcasing what you have to offer (see example supplier profile page HERE).

✔ Develop a loyal customer base

Always being in front of the hunters closest to you via the search results and your profile; supplying the products and services they need creates great loyalty and repeat business.

Sign Me Up

Sign up today as a Founding Store and lock in our limited availability launch pricing for life and enjoy your 30 day FREE trial period!

We’ve already taken the liberty of creating a free listing for your store in our search but it is limited.

During this very special launch promotion, however, we are offering our highest and most valuable subscription level.

And you’re in luck cause as a Founding Store you’ll get it at a massive discount off its regular price and this special promo price will be

Locked In For Life!

With this premium Game Fence listing we do EVERYTHING for you so you can focus on what you do best, running your store!

We setup and maintain your store profile page and update your products and prices on a weekly basis.

As we mentioned you currently have a free Low Fence listing in the search results that shows your store’s address and contact information.

A Low Fence listing does not, however, give you priority listing in the search results and it does not allow you to advertise what you are currently offering to hunters.

With a premium Game Fence listing you’ll get priority listing in the search results above Low Fence stores that are only displaying only their address and contact info.

You’ll also be able to display to hunters the products that you sell and that hunters need.

But don’t delay as we are only offering this exclusive price to 20 stores!

You’ve been invited to join this special launch as we only wanted to invite the most serious and dedicated stores to be our Founding Stores.

We anticipate this offer being very popular and going fast.

When those slots fill up, the price will rise to the full subscription price as shown below.

✔ Promoting your products & services to hunters

Advertising to a targeted, high value audience

✔ Gaining exposure to new customers

✔ Developing a loyal customer base

See the difference below between what you currently have with your basic free Low Fence listing and compare that to the awesome features you’d get with a supercharged priority Game Fence listing with your special Founding Store launch price locked in for life at a 61% discount.

As you can see there’s no denying the massive value to be had with a priority Game Fence listing.

So don’t delay!

Claim your exclusive Founding Store Game Fence subscription below and be 1 of only 20 to have their listing

locked in for life at only $19 per month, a 61% discount off the regular price of $49!

P.S. Do you happen to have more than one location?

If so, we’re making available up to 4 locations for the price of $39/mo during this launch period. Click the button below to Sign Up.

To see what your profile page could look like to hunters, see our profile page example HERE.

Here you can learn more about our Terms of Service

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