Howdy and welcome to Feed Bandit!  As you’ve no doubt noticed we have a great search tool that allows hunters like you to:

“Find the hunting feed and supplies you need, when and where you need them.”

What this means is you can easily find the suppliers that are selling the feed product and supplies you are looking for in the area where you want to get them or along the route you are about to take to your land.  You’ll even be able to see in real time how much it all costs.  How great is that?

So why did we create Feed Bandit?  We are at once both lovers of hunting and extremely strong believers in supporting small and family owned businesses. Our families have long histories of struggling through the tough times and enjoying the good times operating their small businesses so we understand how difficult it can be sometimes to compete with the bigger boys.

So we asked ourselves, “how can we combine the two and create a dynamic and loyal community that supports the very businesses that support us while we are out in the field enjoying the sport we hold so dear?”

That’s when Feed Bandit was born.  Our mission is to provide the best and most high value platform possible to support all the small and family owned businesses that we interact with whenever we head into the field.

So please join us and become part of a growing hunting community dedicated to the preservation of the sport and the small and family owned businesses we hold so dear.  

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If you frequent a supplier and don't see them on your search results, please Refer them to us here so we can add them to the list.

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“We’ll Find Your Feed”

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