We talk all things hunting with amazing hunters and innovative hunting businesses.

We’ll talk with the local and small businesses that focus on quality, service and dedication to the hunter and want nothing more than to be a small part of your next amazing hunting experience.

Listen along as we also talk with many of the hunters you know and love as well as sprinkle in a few entertaining episodes about our own fun hunting experiences.

You’re invited to listen along and join the hunt!

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T-Mate Game Camera Mount with Art Griepp

Stock up on several T-Mate T-Post Game Camera Mounts and use the code "feedbandit" at checkout to get free shipping! In this episode we had a great time speaking with Art Griepp, the founder and creator of the T-Mate T-Post Game Camera Mount over at TPostMount.com. If...

COONHOOD with Haden Popnoe

In this episode we talked about an animal near and dear to us, and by near and dear we mean a certifiable nuisance, and that is the raccoon (and as an extension its varmint friends.) Are you tired of spending your hard earned money feeding animals other than those you...

Lifetime Decoys with Adam Peeler

In this episode we had a great time speaking with Adam Peeler of Lifetime Decoys (https://lifetimedecoys.com/) about duck hunting, how our seasons went and why ducks were more cooperative in some areas up north over others down south especially in Texas. We talked all...

Thunder Chicken season is here!

Turkey hunting! It is the beginning of spring when the trees are greening, the bluebonnets and wildflowers are blooming and the birds are gobbling! In this episode we talk about some refresher tips and tricks and just had fun talking all things turkey hunting. Check...

Head Hangerz with Luc Douglas and Nate Anderson

Enter the code "feedbandit" and get 15% off your next order over at Head Hangerz. In this one we had a great time speaking with Luc Douglas and Nate Anderson, co-owners of Head Hangerz (https://www.headhangerz.com/). Check out their various Hangerz sizes and styles....

Rack Addiction Minerals with Josh Pierre

In this episode we had a great time speaking with Josh Pierre, the founder and owner of Rack Addiction Minerals (https://rackaddictionminerals.com/). After years of researching and testing products here in Bush, LA and around the US, it’s was time to create Rack...

Double Tine Innovations with Newell Phebus

Need some help optimizing your land for deer hunting? Or have you just been looking for a new deer feed that'll get your deer fighting each other to get some? Well look no further than Double Tine Innovations (https://doubletine.com/). Double Tine Innovations is a...

KoolerGel and the Trophy Bag Kooler with Steve Glass

If you have a cooler and you like to keep things cold in that cooler or if you clean animals and put your meat in your cooler after your harvest then you definitely want to listen to this episode. No telling how many bags of ice we've gone through in our lives but now...

Axis deer hunt recap & a shout out to Kacy!

In this episode the guys recap Richard's recent Axis deer hunt down in Brady, TX. While it didn't end up successful with an Axis harvest it was an educational and fun hunt for sure. And lastly the guys give a shout out to a friend of the show, Kacy. You're never...

SpinTech Feeders with Freddie Estrada

In this episode the guys were honored to speak with Freddie Estrada of SpinTech Feeders (www.spintechfeeders.com) based in San Antonio, TX. Freddie is Executive Operation Director for SpinTech and is part of the SpinTech Outdoors Pro Staff which includes research and...

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