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Here you’ll find new and innovative hunting gear & service providers not offered through the traditional big box hunting stores.

It is our mission to bring these opportunities to you and much more.

So we’ll have fun talking all things hunting and in the process we do our best to support small and family owned businesses in the hunting space.

We invite you to listen along and join the hunt!

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Also, the Feed Bandit ranch, Rancho Bandido, is a 1,000+ acres of prime upper Texas Hill Country that we can utilize to test your product. The ranch has whitetail deer, turkeys, dove, pigs, and exotics such as axis and black buck antelope. So if you would like us to test your product out on the ranch, let us know at https://feedbandit.com/promote/.

Feed Bandit Podcast Episode 8: Dove hunting in Argentina

  In this episode the guys recount their trip a few years back down to Cordoba, Argentina for a bucket list dove hunt. If you’ve never been down there to hunt dove and are thinking about doing it or have been before but want to recall your memories of an amazing trip,...

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