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Respect Your Trophies!

Every harvest is a trophy but it's just not financially feasible to put every harvest on the wall. Not only is the taxidermy work expensive but adding more wall space to your home isn't cheap either! All of this being said, most folks tend to put the harvests they are...

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Wild Hog to Table Ham – A Field to Fork Story

Feral hogs, the scourge of the Texas landscape. Feral hogs can be an infestation that inflicts many millions of dollars of damage on pasture land, farm land and water sheds across the U.S. Hogs are responsible for many a ruined deer hunt as well and can sometimes ruin...

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Save Your Money – Trap a Varmint!

Its the off season.  Your cell phone alarm clock isn't going off at 5:30 AM on Saturday morning and your sore head thanks you for the extra sleep.  You can't sleep too long however. You've got protein feeders to check/fill!  Hopefully right now your deer protein...

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The DIY Feed Bandit Feed Testing Trough

Summer.  The days are long by their very nature.  Thinking about the coming fall makes them even longer.  There is a way to help keep the hunter's mind focused on the coming fall and help out the wildlife at the same time.  It's project...

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Rack Addiction Minerals – Product Review

It's Hot...it's Real Hot...and Dry...in Texas. Water is short, and the natural forage is even shorter. What great time to field test a new product! The Feed Bandit social media efforts continue to pay dividends.  Receiving a message from the fine folks at Rack...

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Texas Dove Season – #ComeOnOpeningDay

  I'm sitting here staring at my laptop screen trying to think of a killer opening to this piece but my mind is racing and I can't focus.  I can't focus because dove season is near...September 1st only days away!  Finally!  After the months of heat...well the...

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Duck Hunting Tips for the Beginner

Duck hunting is a fun and rewarding hunt and there’s nothing like getting that beautiful duck to add to your trophy rack. But to truly have fun and be successful there are a few things to keep in mind when heading out to the field. This is list is a combination of...

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Dove Hunting Tips for the Beginner

Dove hunting is one of the most fun and rewarding hunts there is. There’s nothing like the challenge and thrill of getting your limit of a bird that can change direction on a dime causing you to miss and humbling you in the process. But to truly have fun and be successful there are a few things to keep in mind when heading out to the field.

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The Hunter’s Guide to Supplemental Feeding

Now that you’ve got The Basics of Using Deer Feed and The Basics of Using Deer Feeders down like an amateur “pro” let us discuss in more detail supplemental feeding, why we do it, what and how much to do it, when to do it and how to have a little extra fun while doing...

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Turkey Hunting Tips for the Beginner

Turkey hunting, where skill and patience are keys to success. It is perhaps the best hunting teacher of many life and outdoor skills. This is list is a collection of some common things to remember and unique lessons we’ve learned over the years.

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The Basics of Using Deer Feeders

If you’re lucky enough to hunt in an area that allows you to use deer feed at any point during the year whether it is for the purposes of game management, hunting, herd health or population control you may be able to set up a deer feeder on your land.   Deer feeders...

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The Basics of Using Deer Feed

If you are lucky enough to live in an area of the country that allows for the feeding of deer for the purposes of game management, hunting, herd health and population control, then you’ll want to be in the know of the basics of using deer feed. It is an interesting...

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Where You Can and Can’t Feed Deer

How well do you know the deer feeding regulations where you hunt?  If you’ve never taken the time to look them up it can be harder than you think to find and understand them.  Luckily we’ve done that for you. Take a quick moment to refresh yourself as it is important...

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All The Turkey Hunting Gear You Need

Turkey hunting! It is the beginning of spring when the trees are greening, the bluebonnets and wildflowers are blooming and the birds are gobbling! But it is the challenge of the hunt that makes it so fun.  Getting geared and camo’d up, waking up early, witnessing a...

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Feed Bandit Bacon Wrapped Venison Backstrap

The Feed Bandit Bacon Wrapped Venison Backstrap or Deer Poppers is one of our favorite ways to enjoy our whitetail venison.  It is an easy meal to prepare and cook and it is always a hit with our entire family (yes even the "I don't like venison" crowd). We like to...

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