If you're anything like us you are an extremely strong believer in supporting small and family owned businesses wherever possible. You realize that they are the lifeblood of our economy and of our communities.

Our mission is to be:

The Best Online Platform For Serious Game Hunters To Find Awesome New & Innovative Hunting Products & Services

In doing so we aim to support the local and small businesses working hard to create amazing products and services that help you out in the field.

These are products not typically found in the big box stores and services not traditionally offered through large outfits or chains.

Well it is our mission to bring them to you! These are the small businesses that focus on quality, service and dedication to the hunter and want nothing more than to be a small part of your next amazing hunting experience.

When you join via the button on this page you’ll become part of the growing and thriving Feed Bandit hunting community. And when you do you’ll get access to amazing new & innovative hunting products & services and much, much more.

Meet the hunting party:

We’re just a couple of regular weekend warriors living in the big city with regular day jobs who love the outdoors, dream about living out in the country someday, love hunting and learning as much as possible about this amazing sport.

We aren’t professional hunters by an means we just really enjoy trying out new gear and want to use our passion and love for this sport to do what we can to help out small businesses in the hunting space.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, then please Join the Hunt!

Richard Kincheloe

Richard Kincheloe

Chief Corn Officer

Richard, aka Corn Bandit, is a proud Native Son of the Great State of Texas, born in the concrete jungle but who's heart and soul permanently reside in the brush. He is a proud father of 2 Native Daughters of Texas and has a wonder wife who loves the outdoors as much as he does. He is also blessed to have one of the best bird dogs around!

Family...Friends...Texas...Hunting...Fishing...Friday Night Lights...Texas Tech and Small Town Texas....that about it sums it up for this Bandit!

You can reach the Corn Bandit at: richard@feedbandit.com

James (Jimmy) Byrne

James (Jimmy) Byrne

Chief Protein Officer

For James, aka El Bandido, hunting is his passion and go to release from the daily grinds.  Nothing will put a smile on his face quicker than getting down to the ranch on a Friday evening, looking out over the pasture and popping an ice cold Busch Light to relax.

He loves sitting in a deer blind with his wife (who just likes to watch), chewing on a Backwoods and waiting for the whitetail ballet!  He can't wait to pass on his hunting knowledge to his son when he is old enough and they can share this wonderful sport of ours.

You can reach El Bandido at:

118 Killer Deer, Dove, Duck and Turkey Hunting Tips & Tricks...

Don’t Look Up!

Did you know that ducks can see incredibly well? Looking up at circling ducks is like shining a spotlight at them! It sounds funny but go outside and practice looking up with your eyes and not your head. Your bird dog will thank you.

Grab our e-guide as our free gift to you when you join our community!

We Are The Best Online Platform For Serious Game Hunters To Find Awesome New & Innovative Hunting Products & Services

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