When we’re super excited going after that trophy tom one the of the hardest things to do is to sit tight and be patient.

Once we’ve picked out a spot to sit and after we’ve put out our decoys we now let things “calm down”.

We may have picked this spot either because we heard a tom gobble back at our call and we think he’s near or because we think that location is just a good place to wait for one to come through.

Either way we typically commit to giving that sit 30-45 minutes at the very least. Now the test of patience begins.

If we don’t hear a tom gobble back to our call that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t one 10 feet away. We always try to err on the side of belief he is always “just” about to walk in.

Along those lines and now that we’ve committed to be sitting for a while we’re sure to try to position our bodies in a comfortable way.

We want to make sure we can see as much as possible by just moving our eyes as well as be able to swing our gun in the proper direction when ready.

Positioning our body is key ’cause otherwise sitting the wrong way tends to make legs fall asleep. Nothing worse when trying to readjust for showtime and feeling those needles up and down. UGH! (A good chair is a great option as we’ve discussed before).

If a tom is close by any movements could scare him away.

Lastly we want to get our gun ready but don’t necessarily want to hold it up just yet.

We’ll have a shell in the chamber, safety on. Unless we know for certain that a turkey is walking in to our setup we don’t hold up our gun but instead rest it on our knee, across our legs or in some other position that allows our arms to rest.

We like to always practice pulling our gun up to shooting position so that we’ll have muscle memory when the time is right.

Ideally we’ll hear the turkey coming in and can pull our gun up slowly and smoothly so that he doesn’t see it and scare off but sometimes they just appear.

If you can work out a good smooth and stealth movement your arms will thank you.

As we’ve been saying it’s a great time to support small businesses such as your local feed store by buying your turkey hunting gear through them if they stock it.

They exist to support you out in the field and now is a perfect time to help them out so they’ll still be there when you need them.

If you need help finding a feed store close to you, check out our Hunter Search over at feedbandit.com.

How do you get set up when sitting and waiting for a turkey? Reply and let us know!

Patiently waiting for that thunder chicken,

Jimmy & Richard
Feed Bandit
Level Up Your Hunting Game & Gear

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