In this episode we talk about our upland bird hunt for Pheasant, Chukar and Quail at the Rough Creek Lodge (https://roughcreek.com/) outside Glen Rose, TX. We ended up with about 35 Quail, 5 Pheasants and 5 Chukar so it was a fun and successful hunt! You can find their upland bird hunts here: https://roughcreek.com/hunting/#uplandbird.

We also took this opportunity to talk about a special day to us down here and that is Texas Independence Day, March 2. We’re proud to be Texans first and foremost and even if this day has been forgotten by some of our countrymen we will never forget!

Col. Juan Seguin’s Alamo Defenders’ Burial Oration April 4, 1837

“Companions in Arms!! These remains which we have the honor of carrying on our shoulders are those of the valiant heroes who died in the Alamo. Yes, my friends, they preferred to die a thousand times rather than submit themselves to the tyrant’s yoke.

What a brilliant example! Deserving of being noted in the pages of history. The spirit of liberty appears to be looking out from its elevated throne with its pleasing mien and point to us saying: “There are your brothers, Travis, Bowie, Crockett, and others whose valor places them in the rank of my heroes.”

Yes soldiers and fellow citizens, these are the worthy beings who, by the twists of fate, during the present campaign delivered their bodies to the ferocity of their enemies; who, barbarously treated as beasts, were bound by their feet and dragged to this spot, where they were reduced to ashes.

The venerable remains of our worthy companions as witnesses, I invite you to declare to the entire world, “Texas shall be free and independent or we shall perish in glorious combat.”

Colonel Juan N. Seguin
Commandant San Antonio, Bexar, Texas
Army of the Republic of Texas

Happy Texas Independence Day!

The boys with their haul.
Pheasant & Chukar
Bird cleaning aftermath
It ain’t Miracle Whip but it’ll work.
What savory greatness lies beneath? (Did he give her a good tip?)
A (room service) meal fit for a Corn Bandit!

Stock media provided by Artmuns / Pond5

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