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Duck season a wash but hogs always on the menu

In this episode the guys discuss why duck hunting down south or at least in many areas of Texas was such a disappointment this year. They discuss a recent article in the Houston Chronicle which discusses this (read article here). They also talk about a recent late...

It’s the off-season but no time to rest

Now that it is the deer off-season, at least in Texas, the guys discuss how it shouldn't be the off-season for you too. Early January and February can be a crucial time for deer as they are post-rut and the food sources can start to be very sparse. They talk about the...

Heaven Week Recap

In this episode the guys recap their hunts from the 2018 Heaven Week (Dec 26-31) down at Rancho Bandido. It is an annual tradition for the guys and their friends to spend the time between Christmas and New Years at the ranch hunting, catching up, telling lies and...

Hunter’s Edge with Jamie Bulger

In this episode the guys are honored to be joined by Jamie Bulger, the founder, president and CEO of Hunter's Edge (https://www.hunters-edge.com/) where they discuss how he got started in the scent cover and odor elimination business and why it is so important to use...

Duck season so far

In this episode the guys give a review of how the duck season has gone so far down at Rancho Bandido and discuss some tips and tricks that worked and others that didn't. Let us know how your season is going and if you have any tips and tricks you swear by at...

Deer Shot. Deer Run. – A tracking story

In this episode the guys discuss a recent deer hunt down at Rancho Bandido that didn't go exactly as planned as some major tracking was needed. Listen in to how it went down and grab some useful tips along the way. Do you have any tips or tricks that help you when...

Product Reviews ‘Live’ from Rancho Bandido

  In this episode the guys are “live” together down at deer camp at Rancho Bandido and have fun talking about 3 products that they’ve been lucky enough to test out on the ranch. Double Tine Innovations Ultimate Deer Feed Mac Daddy Caddy by Hunter’s Edge Rack...

Dove hunting in Argentina

  In this episode the guys recount their trip a few years back down to Cordoba, Argentina for a bucket list dove hunt. If you’ve never been down there to hunt dove and are thinking about doing it or have been before but want to recall your memories of an amazing...

The best deer popper recipe!

  In this episode El Bandido rides solo and talks about his absolute favorite way to enjoy venison backstrap, the Feed Bandit Bacon Wrapped Venison Backstrap. Listeners can follow along and see step by step how to make them in this article.

It’s dove season, part 2

  In this episode we continue our popular discussion about dove hunting and share some more tips and tricks we use while out in the field. We talk a lot about the points discussed in our article, Dove Hunting Tips for the Beginner. But experienced hunters...

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