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Feed Bandit Bacon Wrapped Venison Backstrap

The Feed Bandit Bacon Wrapped Venison Backstrap or Deer Poppers is one of our favorite ways to enjoy our whitetail venison.  It is an easy meal to prepare and cook and it is always  a hit with our entire family (yes even the "I don't like venison" crowd). We like to...

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So what the heck is Feed Bandit anyway?

Howdy and welcome to Feed Bandit! So, what the heck is Feed Bandit and what do we mean by "We'll Find Your Feed" anyway? The core of Feed Bandit and our pride and joy is a pretty cool search tool that allows hunters like you to: Find the hunting feed and supplies you...

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In the beginning there was the hunter...the hunted...their hunting grounds...and the feeders that brought them together!  But when the hunter wanted to keep them full as much as possible time and money got in the way.  Then, Feed Bandit was born! I am honored to to...

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