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Controlling your profile on Feed Bandit is a very powerful and valuable way to get in front of potential customers easily and affordably….in fact it is entirely FREE for up to 4 locations* if you wish to setup and maintain your own profile.

With a Feed Bandit profile you can:

● Promote feed products to hunters – you can post your location contact information, the hunting feed and supplies you carry and show their current prices in our search results and on your profile page

● Gain exposure to new customers – more and more business is moving to the internet; many hunters now prefer to search for what they need rather than call and on Feed Bandit you can be in front of them online at all times with your detailed supplier profile page

● Market other products and services – you may indicate other categories of products and services you offer as well as show promotions on your profile page

Advertise to a targeted, high value audience – if you fall within the area in which the hunter is searching you will show up in the search results so that you are always in front of those hunters

● Develop a loyal customer base – always being in front of the hunters through the search results and supplying the products they need creates great loyalty and repeat business

Get started by choosing an option below!


You setup your profile

You maintain your profile

No risk


We do initial profile setup for you

You maintain your profile

One time setup fee per location


We do initial profile setup for you

We maintain your profile for you

Per Month/Location or $350/year (16% discount!)

P.S. To see what your profile page could look like to hunters, see our profile page example HERE.

Here you can learn more about our Terms of Service

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