Believe it or not, the turkey has much better vision out in the bush than we do as humans.

A big part of turkey hunting is just trying to stay concealed from a turkey’s view while you’re chasing him.

If you want to make your life easier you’ll need some good camo that matches the terrain where you’re hunting.

There really isn’t any one pattern that fits all but a good generic pattern and colors can go a long way.

You’ll also what to consider the climate of where you’re hunting.

As an example from us down in Texas, we like to buy camo that helps us handle the unpredictable spring weather which can be either cold or quite warm. It helps to have a top and pants that are light enough for the heat but can also fit over winter weather gear if cold persists.

Sure, you can buy camo like this from any of the big box hunting stores and websites but first think about making your purchase from your local feed store or family hunting dealer instead.

They exist to support you out in the field and now is a perfect time to help them out so they’ll still be there when you need them.

If you need help finding a feed store close to you, check out our Hunter Search over at feedbandit.com.

Camo’d up,

Jimmy & Richard
Feed Bandit
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