Ha, I know they’re really Whitetail “antlers” and not horns but it seemed to flow a little better.

Right now they’re just in my garage but someday…someday the goal is display them all, and more, proudly in a man cave or equivalent.

For the longest time I kept only the antlers themselves (and boy do I have a big bin filled with them) but I’m glad I started keeping the full skulls of the bucks I’ve taken over the last few years.

It’s made me appreciate and get excited for the unique ones almost more than the super-trophy buck varieties that are out there.

Heck, they’re all trophies to me!

Also I tend to remember each of the harvests a lot easier when I look at them.

I’ll continue to collect them as long as I have space to keep ’em! At some point they’ll probably end up overflowing back out to Rancho Bandido where we might have do a Hall of Horns there as well.

This hobby has forced me to learn a new skill and start boiling my own skulls which can be an interesting experience if you haven’t done it yourself yet. Thank you YouTube for the instruction!

Anyhow, we’re working hard on bringing y’all the tools to help you make your own Hall of Horns to be proud of, among many other things so thanks for staying tuned.

We’re curious, what do you typically do with the skulls and antlers of the bucks you harvest that you consider to be “less than trophies”? Let us know!

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