Have you seen this video? Absolutely crazy.


Imagine getting blindsided by that deer. Essentially the reverse of what typically happens when we’re driving and they get in front of us.

Luckily for this guy the deer didn’t actually lead with his head or it could have ended a lot differently.

What are the chances?

Reminds me of a couple of years ago when I was driving out to the ranch with my brother when in the pitch black out in the middle of west Texas a doe ran into the road from my left and I had about half a second to react.

Luckily I only had that much time ’cause I didn’t overreact at all and the doe nearly made it across but I ended up nicking her back quarter. Just nicking it. Or so I thought.

About 5 miles down the road a loud rubbing and whining noise started coming from that area of my truck.

I pulled into a gas station in the next town and sure enough, the deer had busted that whole fender, light and bumper. Effectively destroying half my front end.

Luckily I had some rope in the bed so just tied up everything so that it wouldn’t rub against my tire anymore and I could drive. An “act of god” per insurance but, wow.

I can’t imagine if I had hit it head on. Kinda scary.

Anyway, obviously if you’re driving in the country at night stay aware!

Have you ever had a close call with wildlife? Anything crazy like this video?

Let us know by leaving us a quick voicemail of your story and we’ll discuss it on a future episode of the Feed Bandit Podcast! Go here and send us a message today! https://feedbandit.com/show/

Keepin’ those eyes peeled,

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