In this episode the guys were honored to speak with Freddie Estrada of SpinTech Feeders (www.spintechfeeders.com) based in San Antonio, TX. Freddie is Executive Operation Director for SpinTech and is part of the SpinTech Outdoors Pro Staff which includes research and development of new products and setting up new partnerships nationwide to carry the SpinTech line.

They had a great time discussing SpinTech’s products especially the their patented Spinner Mechanism. Freddie showed us the value of having a mechanism such as this on your feeders and spreaders as their website states:

Our patented Spinner Mechanism not only rotates, BUT elevates up and down! When motor is shut off, the spinner plate automatically is pushed up tight AND sealed against the hopper, preventing any leakage while your vehicle is moving. The SPINTECH technology is windproof and also prevents varmints like raccoons & squirrels from opening the plate and eating feed.

It’ll save you a TON of money! They have a bunch of other products such as easy to fill deer feeders and crank up tri-pods, no spill seed spreaders and even high quality BBQs, fire pits and their extremely popular deer blinds.

Be sure to check them out at www.spintechfeeders.com or on:
Facebook @spintechfeeders
Twitter @spintechfeeders
Youtube @Spintech Spreaders

Stay tuned for their new website coming soon and be sure to follow them on Facebook as they put offers on their page that they don’t put anywhere else!

Some of the products discussed in this episode:

Deer feeders: https://www.spintechspreaders.com/product-category/wildlife-feeders/deer-feeders/

Tailgate & Road Feeders: https://www.spintechspreaders.com/product-category/broadcast-spreaders/tailgate-road-feeders/

Deer Feeder Motor Unit-12 Volt “EZ” Digital Spinner Unit (NEVER LOSE CORN-VARMINT / WINDPROOF): https://www.spintechspreaders.com/shop/wildlife-feeders/deer-feeder-motor-unit-12-volt-ez-digital-spinner-unit-never-lose-corn-varmintwindproof/

NEW INVERTED SPINTECH MOTOR KIT – GREAT FOR VEHICLE MOUNTED SPREADERS AND WILDLIFE FEEDERS: https://www.spintechspreaders.com/shop/wildlife-feeders/road-feeder-replacement-kit/

55 Gallon Hanging 12 Volt Digital Feeder with Winch: https://www.spintechspreaders.com/shop/wildlife-feeders/55-gallon-hanging-12-volt-digital-feeder-with-winch/

SPIN TECH 5X5 BLIND ON 5 FT. STAND: https://www.spintechspreaders.com/shop/outdoor-products/spin-tech-5×5-blind/


Stock media provided by Artmuns / Pond5

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