In this episode we had a great time speaking with Josh Pierre, the founder and owner of Rack Addiction Minerals (https://rackaddictionminerals.com/).

After years of researching and testing products here in Bush, LA and around the US, it’s was time to create Rack Addiction Minerals!  The purpose was to give the avid outdoorsman the upper hand at keeping his deer herd healthy and at the same time bringing them in using the minerals as an attractant.  With this mix that is packed with protein,  calcium, phosphate, fiber, vitamin a, magnesium, copper, and little bit of salt, your deer herd will thank you!

”It’s not just a craving, it’s an addiction!”


We talked about the importance of minerals in a deer’s diet and how a quality mineral (such as Rack Addiction with no fillers) can be the difference between not seeing many deer at all to seeing many deer from which to choose from in the fall.

We did a product review of Rack Addiction Minerals and we were mighty pleased with the outcome. Check it out here: https://feedbandit.com/rack-addiction-minerals-product-review/.


You can find their spring mix here: https://rackaddictionminerals.com/products/5lb-bag.

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Also check out Rut Life TV on the Pursuit Channel as mention by Josh: https://www.facebook.com/RutLifeLLC/

Stock media provided by Artmuns / Pond5

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