In this episode we talked about an animal near and dear to us, and by near and dear we mean a certifiable nuisance, and that is the raccoon (and as an extension its varmint friends.) Are you tired of spending your hard earned money feeding animals other than those you intend to such as deer?

Well if so be sure to listen to this one as we’ll introduce you to an amazing new product that will darn near eliminate this problem by stopping coons dead in their tracks from stealing from you any further (and virtually guaranteed to save you a boat load of $$$ in the process!)

In this episode we were pleased to have Haden Popnoe, owner of COONHOOD on the podcast.

Check out COONHOOD at https://www.coonhood.com/. There you can find his hoods for most any feeder on the market as well as his COONHOOD Feeders that are priced so well that right now you’ll basically get the COONHOODs for free. Don’t miss out on that deal cause as we said on the podcast, it won’t last long once everyone hears about this product.

Seeing as how that sob, the coon (our mascot), always finds your feed and that’s what we’re all about, that is finding awesome new and innovative hunting products and services to bring to you, this one was definitely a fun one! Enjoy!

COONHOOD is an innovative device used to prevent raccoons, along with other varmints, from accessing protein in chute-style feeders. The patent pending design allows the unwanted animal’s weight to lower the hood blocking access to the feed. When no varmints are present, the hood remains in the upright neutral position which allows the larger intended animals to eat freely.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coonhood

Stock media provided by Artmuns / Pond5

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