Stock up on several T-Mate T-Post Game Camera Mounts and use the code “feedbandit” at checkout to get free shipping!

In this episode we had a great time speaking with Art Griepp, the founder and creator of the T-Mate T-Post Game Camera Mount over at TPostMount.com. If you’ve ever found yourself getting frustrated mounting game cameras with straps, bailing wire or bungee cords to a T-Post then this is the product for you.

Have you ever spent all morning or afternoon putting out game cameras on your property but because you didn’t have a convenient tree available to mount it to you had to settle for a less than ideal location?

Then several weeks later you find time to head back out to the ranch only to return and find the camera fallen off, crooked or having taken 1,000 pictures of a twig blowing in the wind because you couldn’t put it anywhere else? If so, then you’ll want to stock up on some T-Mate T-Post Game Camera Mounts.

Art was gracious enough to give our listeners free shipping on whatever they buy when you use the code “feedbandit” at checkout. Take advantage of the free shipping and stock up on some T-Mate T-Post Game Camera Mounts today!

Stock media provided by Artmuns / Pond5

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