In this episode we spoke with Aaron Gilbreath, owner of Tank Blinds (http://tankblinds.com/), about the many benefits that can be had by investing in a high quality blind that is customized precisely to your liking and specifications and is tough enough to survive most any elements you can throw at it. Tank Blinds are built like a tank and meant to last.

You can see pictures of the blinds and their interiors here: http://tankblinds.com/gallery/ and you check out all the customization options here: http://tankblinds.com/pricing-options/. Contact Aaron at: (682) 226-5559 or aaron@tankblinds.com and order a few today!

At Tank Blinds, our mission is simple…build the toughest, most comfortable, and longest lasting hunting blind on the market. With our dedication to quality craftsmanship, hunters can depend on a Tank Blind to deliver premium comfort and optimize their success season after season. A Tank Blind is more than just a hunting blind; it is an investment in every hunting experience for you and your family for decades to come!


Stock media provided by Artmuns / Pond5

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