Now that we’re in the off-season with deer and the other fall hunting seasons behind us and turkey in front of us, down at Rancho Bandido it’s ranch management time!

There are projects galore but one of the most important things at the top of our list is water. We try to make sure we have ways to conserve as much of that liquid life from the sky during the spring ’cause you never know what summer will bring.

It’s especially important down here in Texas where we hunt ’cause it gets HOT in the summer and we’ve definitely experienced long periods with no water in the past.

We’ve been blessed with several years of abundant rainfall so unfortunately drought could be around the corner anytime now.

In the latest episode of the Feed Bandit Podcast we started a series discussing off-season projects with this most important subject and how you can prep your land.

A couple of good primer articles on general rainwater harvesting and harvesting rainwater for wildlife are HERE and HERE. Check ’em out.

Time to prep for rain is when it’s sunny outside and that’s what February could be all about on your land too. You’ll definitely reap the benefits.

What sort of water and rain management do you do on your land? Have you built a rain catchment system? Let us know!

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If you haven’t listened to the Feed Bandit Podcast yet please do so especially if you’re heading out to your land this weekend and need something to listen to in the truck. We think you’ll enjoy it!

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