We talk a lot about hunting the native Whitetail Deer but let’s not forget about the other beautiful animals out there that make up a category called exotics.

Per TPWD, the term exotic “refers to medium to large sized non-indigenous or non-native mammals and birds that landowners have introduced onto ranches and properties in either a confined or free-ranging status. The first release of exotics onto Texas ranches occurred in 1930, when a group of nilgai antelope was released on the King Ranch in South Texas.”

So they’ve been around almost 100 years now and some folks think they are a prized hunt to be preserved (and the meat of some species a delicacy) while others think they are a nuisance that should be eradicated for pushing out the native animals.

In the latest episode of the Feed Bandit Podcast we tackle this hunting controversy head on.

Maybe there is a middle ground in the matter? We’ll see.

What do you think about exotics? Are they a prize, nuisance or something in between? Let us know!

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