In this episode we are honored to speak with Kenneth Sharber, owner and operator of the Muy Grande Deer Contest and Country Store in Freer, TX (https://www.muygrandevillage.com/). We discuss the Muy Grande Deer Contest in detail, the oldest deer contest in the world. We talk about its history being started by Leonel Garza back in 1965 and how it’s grown into being considered the granddaddy of all deer hunting competitions.

Be sure to read all about it on their history page.  If you think you might have a chance at an award winning deer next year, get more information on the contest and be sure to sign up for the next one before the season starts! You can do that HERE.

And don’t forget they’re a Country Store as well offering groceries, a full time restaurant, feed, gas, sporting goods and souvenirs. So stop by the next time you’re in the area and be sure to check out their Mesquite Tree Camo line on their SHOP page especially if that’s what the vegetation on your land is like. Could definitely Level Up Your Hunting Game & Gear.


P.S. Here is an old promo for the Legend of Muy Grande video Richard mentioned on the show:

Stock media provided by Artmuns / Pond5

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