In this episode of the Feed Bandit Podcast we discuss a debate/question/controversy that’s centered around what is the best deer protein on the market.

Since we’re not wildlife biologists or anything fancy like that we decided we’d focus on the issue from a slightly different angle: what protein product out there would a deer prefer to eat?

So we’ve decided to break out the ‘ole trusty Feed Bandit Protein Trough and get to testing!

We discuss how we’ll be pitting the popular Antler Max Deer 20 with Climate Guard vs. two other Texas born feeds, Double Down Deer Feed & West Feeds 20% Deer Pellets down at Rancho Bandido in the coming month or so.

Should be an interesting test. Stay tuned for the results!

Do you feed protein on your land? If so, what brand do you typically use, and why? Would you consider another brand?

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If you haven’t listened to the Feed Bandit Podcast yet please do so especially now that we’re moving into the hunting lull of summer. We think you’ll enjoy it!

You can listen to it by searching your favorite podcast app or just go here.


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Stock media provided by Artmuns / Pond5


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