Boy I wish I had a picture of this one….

I wanted to following up on the email we sent last week about the hunters who thought their hunt was over without success. That is until a gobbler heading to roost decided to not send them home empty handed by electrocuting himself.

I (Jimmy) wanted to tell my story of how I got my first turkey ever which definitely wasn’t a direct turkey hunting experience.

It’s not as crazy a story as the electrocution story but it was an interesting turn of events nonetheless.

It was probably my first or second year as a hunter and up to that point I had only been dove and deer hunting.

Little did I know that I was about to be indoctrinated into the greatest hunting of them all, turkey, in a round about way.

I was sitting in a deer blind when a good doe came came out that we definitely wanted to take. At the same time a whole group of hens joined her around the feeder to enjoy that golden goodness.

Well I decided that I’d take the doe so I settled in, placed her in the cross hairs and BOOM!

Down she went but not before doing a back flip! It was the darnedest thing I had ever seen a shot deer do up to that point. Of course all the hens ran and flew off to the sound of the .30-06.

I climbed down and went to collect my harvest. As I walked up to her I noticed some movement about 10 yards behind her.

The closer I got I could see it was one of those hens laying on the ground, flapping one of its wings but it soon stopped and expired. I thought, I’ll be, I got a turkey as well!

I figured the bullet or a fragment may have passed through the deer but either way lo and behold I had my first turkey.

When I got back to the cleaning station with both the deer and the hen I first checked the hen as thoroughly as I could to see any blood or where I might have hit her.

For the love of pete I couldn’t find anything anywhere. I then went to check the deer to see if I could see any exit wound but nothing!

Crazy enough, the boys and I ended up just figuring the boom from my rifle and/or maybe the deer’s reaction simply gave the hen a heart attack.

We’d heard that sometimes they die of heart attacks while roosting during a bad thunderstorm but maybe that’s an old wives tail.

Either way, one shot, one doe, one hen!

I, of course, took the turkey meat and from that point on I’ve been a die hard passionate turkey hunter ever since. Love it!

What about you? We’d love to hear about your first turkey success or any funny or crazy turkey hunting stories like this one or the electrocution one. Reply and tell us all about it!

I’ll take ’em how I get ’em,

Jimmy & Richard
Feed Bandit
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