Quail at Rancho Bandido-West out in west Texas, a quail mecca, seemed to be all but gone not 15 years ago.

You see, the family has been hunting quail out there on that same plot of land for darn near 100 years.

So when we started noticing the decline in the quail populations to the point where we simply didn’t hunt them in hopes that they’d survive, we were desperate to know why and find out what we could do to help.

We tried all manner of things from stepping up our predator hunting to setting out conventional quail feeders where we didn’t think we even needed them before.

That didn’t seem to work so we almost gave up.

Then all of a sudden and for unknown reasons they started coming back about 5 years ago.

While we are on a definite recovery we have been looking for something truly effective that we could do to give them a boost and hopefully prevent a decline like that from ever happening again.

Well we believe we’ve found what might be the very thing folks in a similar situation as us can implement to help quail survive and thrive, the Quail Safe Feeder.


When used in conjunction with their supplemental and fortified quail feed this could be a real game changer.

Quail aren’t only a supremely tasty bird but they are also one of the most majestic and important birds to our ecosystem.

Do you hunt quail? Have you had any struggles maintaining your quail population, and if so, what did you do to help them? Reply and let us know!

You can find out all about Quail Safe and their feeder at our gear page: https://feedbandit.com/quailsafe. When you do you’ll find a special discount code to use should you decide to get you one.

Ensuring the future of your quail,

Jimmy & Richard
Feed Bandit
Level Up Your Hunting Game & Gear

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