If you’re anything like us you appreciate the nostalgia, rich history and culture of small towns.

As you know we’re in Texas and small town Texas is a treasure unlike any other.

There’s a certain aura about them that conjures up feelings of hard work, pride, and salt of the earth folks working hard to make a living.

Not to mention the things that sometimes make you think of the old days and perhaps simpler times.

Most of these towns were the engine that propelled us into the prosperity we enjoy now and it would be ashamed to see any of them vanish.

But the hard reality is many of these towns are struggling to survive and many businesses are doing all that they can to compete, especially with the big boys in the big cities.

When we ran across this article about the town of Nocona here in Texas we just had to share it with you.

These folks are working hard to preserve their town and its historic culture and it reminded us about one of the reasons why we started Feed Bandit in the first place.

We’re sure you’ve heard us say, “Support your local feed store…” on every podcast and in many emails. Well we mean it.

That’s why this year we are launching our Hunter Search which allows hunters like you to find hunting feed and gear suppliers you need, when and where you need them.

It is focused on showing you the local feed stores and hunting service providers that are near your land or one’s that you’ll pass on the way out there.

We are working hard to get it out to you guys and getting more and more small town stores in the search so that you can help us help out small towns just like Nocona.

If you’ve used it already, thank you! We’d love to hear your thoughts on it. If not, we hope you’ll take a look sometime soon.

How do you feel about supporting small town businesses such as feed stores over going to the big box store? What feed store(s) do you frequent? We’d love to hear!

Supporting our local feed stores,

Jimmy & Richard
Feed Bandit
Level Up Your Hunting Game & Gear

P.S. You can now leave us a voicemail question or comment and we’ll address it on the next Feed Bandit Podcast! Go here and send us a message today! https://feedbandit.com/show/


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