Well we didn’t intend for this to become a (very short) mini-series but here it is. Having patience in many things especially hunting is so important that we figured we needed to continue this thought and round it out.

Back in part 1 when out chasing thunder chickens we talked about how we get set, get comfortable, sit tight and be patient.

Once we’re set sometimes unfortunately it takes a while to finally hear a tom gobble in reply to our call.

It may also never happen but you never know for sure so you have to be patient with your calling and consistent in your call quality.

You don’t want to overdo it out of impatience thinking the more the better but you also don’t want to do it too infrequently ‘cause you’ll want to keep him engaged.

A tom may have raised his head when he heard you the first time and got interested but then decided that it was just his imagination since he never heard it again.

Or he liked what he heard the first time but when he heard it the 1,000th time he became very skeptical to say the least.

Moderation in all things but be consistent.

Next, move your eyes more than your head.

Turkey have pretty dang good eyesight so you’ll want to be in a position where you don’t have to move your head too much to be able to see around you.

If we’re seated up against a tree or hedge row we want to not only be able to look forward but also be able to move our eyes to the left and right covering the 180 degree view point.

We don’t want to move our head on a swivel to much hoping to see something ‘cause the turkey could see this movement and scare off. This ain’t football.

Finally, now’s the time to use our ears more than ever.

Turkey hunting is great because it trains you to listen and hear more than we’re used to which is probably a good reminder in general that we need to do more of these days.

Not only will we be hearing the beautiful sounds of nature all around us we will also be listening for clicks, hums, clucks, footsteps and gobbles of turkeys.

There is nothing that will get our heart pounding more than when we think a tom is coming in to us by hearing just the slightest break of a stick or crackle of a leaf after not hearing from him in a while.

That time when all of a sudden we hear a gobble so loud it sounds like it is on top of us makes it all worth it!

As we’ve been saying it’s a great time to support small businesses such as your local feed store by buying your turkey hunting gear through them if they stock it.

They exist to support you out in the field and now is a perfect time to help them out so they’ll still be there when you need them.

If you need help finding a feed store close to you, check out our Hunter Search over at feedbandit.com.

Are you like us and have trouble with being patient in the field sometimes? What do you do to overcome it? Reply and let us know! We’d love to hear and possible share to help out others.

Calling, looking and listening,

Jimmy & Richard
Feed Bandit
Level Up Your Hunting Game & Gear

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