So during our podcast with Adam from Sportsman’s Box, ole Corn Bandit gave me hell for not yet having my own subscription.

You see he’s had one of his own for well over a year and has long been a satisfied customer.

Heck, I’ve even benefited from his membership cause he’s given me some cool gear from a few of his boxes that he thought I could use.

Very nice of you, Corn Bandit!

Well anyway, right after recording that podcast I went out and got myself a subscription. So I thought I’d record a video where I unbox the Sportsman’s Box with you!

Take a look. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to use all this stuff.

The good thing is they try to make the gear in the boxes relevant to the season we are in. Since it’s June, these tools will definitely help with the work we need to do down at Rancho Bandido to prepare for the coming seasons.

Remember, time is now to re-assess your feeders, blinds, food plots, water situation, etc. And it’s not too late to start a supplemental feeding program if you haven’t already.

In the meantime, get a Sportsman’s Box subscription for yourself or gift one to a lucky hunter today!

When you do be sure to use the code FEEDBANDIT (one word, all CAPS) and you’ll get 30% off your subscription for the first 3 months!

Check out Sportsman’s Box on our gear page here: https://feedbandit.com/sportsmansbox

Sprayin’ my boots and gettin’ to work,

Jimmy & Richard
Feed Bandit
Level Up Your Hunting Game & Gear

P.S. If you haven’t listened to the Feed Bandit Podcast yet where we talk all things hunting and introduce you to the most innovative hunting gear & services, please do. We think you’ll like it! You can listen to it here: https://feedbandit.com/show/


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