Every harvest is a trophy but it’s just not financially feasible to put every harvest on the wall. Not only is the taxidermy work expensive but adding more wall space to your home isn’t cheap either!

All of this being said, most folks tend to put the harvests they are most proud of on the wall for all to see.

Mounts on the wall are great conversation pieces and a good taxidermy job helps preserve those memories, sometimes longer than the person who harvested it.

Dust and general house grime can hurt your memories (trophies) so clean them off every year.

What time of year is best? How about during the summer! What a great activity to do during the LONG…HOT days of July and August.

This toothy Texas hog was cleaned just last year. Check out the dust build up after a year!

This is a much better shot of the dust.

First, I get a dry paper towel and gently brush off the dust. I then get a wet paper towel and move the paper towel with the fur.

Check out how much dust comes off!

Don’t forget to the eyes too!

Show your respect for the animal that you harvested and keep it nice and clean to preserve the memory for generations to come!

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