I was talking with my son, Jeb, the other day about taking him deer hunting with me this fall.

He’s only 3 now but I’ve been pointing out the deer mounts on our walls for some time now and now he finally refers to them as deer instead of dinosaurs so I think he’s ready.

He’ll be 3 ½ come deer season so I’m sure his patience and attention span will all but guaranty my hunts are less than fruitful at first but I can’t wait to share my love of this sport with him (and his sister in a few years).

I was wondering what you guys did when you started taking your children out with you to help ease them in.

He’s been to the range with me so the gun shouldn’t scare him and we’ll definitely have ear protection.

Of course we’ll practice the art of whispering, which he has very little concept of now, and bird watching. But what else did you do to help entertain your child when you first took them out?

I want to do everything in my power to avoid pulling out the cursed iPad so any tips would be great!

How young  were your kids when you first took them out? What was that first hunting experience with your children like?

What do y’all think? I’d love to hear it!

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I know my noise concerns would be taken care of by a Tank Blind in that they’re built to block out most noise from within the blind. So we could take our children with us without worry on that front.


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Preppin’ future hunters,

Jimmy (El Bandido)
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