Last year’s bounty

We’ve mentioned before in these musings that it’s critically important to practice your turkey calls ahead of turkey season.

We like to sit at home while watching TV or sitting in the back yard and riff on the ole slate call to get the touch back. At least until the wife has had enough, lol.

Anyway, the last thing you want to do is get out in the field and hear a bunch of gobblin’ in the distance, get all excited and lay down some calls, then never hear a reply or see a turkey.

It could be that your calling is so rusty that it scared off all the toms. Don’t be that guy.

But what calls should you practice?

If you want to master the basics then we agree with this blog post from over at bowhunting.com where they recommend perfecting the plain yelp of the hen.

They make the point that it’s a more calm and contented sound that puts the jelly head at ease. And from our experience we tend to agree.

The Primos Ol’ Betsy slate call has been a favorite around these parts for years but there are many others to perfect your calling with.

Do you think there is another hen call that’s better to master? What’s your go-to-call (slate, box, mouth)? Let us know!

Practicing that hen yelp,

Jimmy & Richard
Feed Bandit
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