In the beginning there was the hunter…the hunted…their hunting grounds…and the feeders that brought them together!  But when the hunter wanted to keep them full as much as possible time and money got in the way.  Then, Feed Bandit was born!

I am honored to to welcome you to the Feed Bandit blog!  On the behalf of my partner in feed, we are so glad you are here and we’d like to encourage you to stay a while.

So, before we get to writing too much, I’d like to explain the thought process behind this blog.  My degree from Texas Tech is not in wildlife management nor in agriculture although I regret not at least minoring in the of the those fields as it is my real passion in life.

No, my degree was in business.  Plain and simple.  I tell you this because my blog entries will be based on pure experience of almost 30 years.  Some of those years were on a deer lease or two but most were spent on our family ranch where I was free to experiment and hunt dern near every weekend…and still do.

Much like a doctor or a veterinarian, we all have different opinions so we’d love to hear from you all too.  My entries here will be based on what works for me in my little slice of Texas.   This being said, pull up a mesquite stub while we stoke the fire that is the life in the great outdoors!

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