Hey, we hope you’re doing well and staying safe. For those of you like us who’ve been sequestered in your house in a quasi-quarantine, we feel your pain.

We’ve been sitting here working from home for over a week now and all that sitting has made us think about the importance of a good chair.

In turkey hunting, it’s no different.

We’re usually out walking the ranch, calling turkeys and when we hear or see one we quickly get to setting up our ambush.

Often times you may find yourself doing a lot of sitting close to the ground waiting for that tom that you were talking with to come into your setup.

Problem is a tom sometimes takes his sweet time and patience can be the difference between getting your trophy and being too uncomfortable.

Your discomfort may cause you to get up too soon thereby scaring that very quiet trophy tom that was coming in just right around the bush.

Well for the longest time we used one of those vests that had the quick fold down butt cushion but after years of discomfort, occasional impatience and bad backs we decided it was time to upgrade.

If you’ve had enough discomfort while sitting out in the field, you gotta get a good turkey chair.

It is worth its weight in gold, especially if you can relate to our discomfort.

Yes, you’ll have to carry it around with you on your shoulder but you’ll get the hang of it. Get ya one. We promise you’ll thank us if you do.

Sure, you can find a chair like the one pictured above at many of the big box hunting stores and websites but think about making your purchase from your local feed store or family hunting dealer instead.

They exist to support you out in the field and now is a perfect time to help them out so they’ll still be there when you need them.

If you need help finding a feed store close to you, check out our Hunter Search over at feedbandit.com.

Sitting (and hunting) in comfort,

Jimmy & Richard
Feed Bandit
Level Up Your Hunting Game & Gear

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