Tank Blinds

The Last Blind You’ll Ever Buy™

$2495* + options

Building handcrafted quality, fully customizable blinds for hunters seeking the ultimate solution in performance and comfort!

If you’re happy with the status quo and content with a ‘cookie-cutter’ blind mass-produced by a corner-cutting company, Tank Blinds is not for you. However, if you expect the best and demand the highest quality performance with a custom fit; welcome to Tank Blinds!

Bigger than 99% of all other hunting blinds on the market, Tank Blind’s patent pending design delivers 45 square feet of 1st class comfort, innovation, scent protection, thermal control, and lifetime durability. Handcrafted in Texas, we stand behind every product to guarantee you that this will be The Last Blind You’ll Ever Buy!’

*(Base Model Ground Blind; 7’ 7” Wide, 6’ 8” Tall; 45 Sq. Feet – IT’S BIG!)

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Check out our interview with Aaron Gilbreath, the owner of Tank Blinds!

Why Tank Blinds

Rising above the competition in its own class, Tank Blinds offers the ultimate solution in comfort, durability, and performance!

At Tank Blinds, we take pride in building the highest quality and longest lasting hunting blind on the market. Whether you hunt with a bow, crossbow, rifle or all the above, we can outfit your blind specific to your hunting style.

Don’t settle for a mass-produced cookie-cutter blind that offers minimal floor space and no access to custom features. Choose a Tank Blind and you’ll see why it will be ‘The Last Blind You’ll Ever Buy!’

See below the Tank Blind difference!

  • 45 Sq. Feet – 7’ 7” Wide, It’s BIG!
  • One-Size-Fits-All Design for up to 4 Adults w/Leg Room
  • Circular – NO Lost Floor Space & 360 Degree Viewing
  • Aerodynamic – Minimal Wind Resistance & NO Blind Shake
  • Brand NEW Tank Design
  • Specifically Designed & Engineered to be a Hunting Blind
  • NO Previously Stored Chemicals or Pesticides
  • Rigid-One-Piece SEAMLESS Construction
  • UV Stabilized for 25 years & Impact Resistant
  • Withstands the Harshest Weather Elements
  • Lifetime Durability
  • 100% Water Resistant
  • 100% Critter Proof
  • NO Wasps, NO Rodents, NO Coons, NO Owls, NO Snakes!
  • Zero Sunlight Penetration
  • Air & Scent Tight
  • Optional Commercial Grade Spray Foam Insulation
  • Superior Thermal Control & Maximal Sound Dampening
  • Self-Closing RV Door w/Handle & Deadbolt Lock
  • Silent One-Handed Window Operation
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • 100% Customized – We Build Exactly What You Want!
  • Limitless Custom Option Combinations
  • Kid Friendly & Ideal for Youth Hunter Success
  • Handcrafted in Texas by Hunters Using American Made Products
  • Dedication to Quality Craftsmanship & Service
  • NO Corporate…NO Salesmen…NO Pressure!
  • Deal Directly with The Guys Who Build Them!
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Products backed by a 5-Star Reputation
  • Christian Based Supported by Integrity & Honesty
  • We STAND Behind Every Product We Make
  • Delivery & Intallation Available

**KEEP in mind we do NOT mass-produce blinds and have limited inventory. We are 100% custom and specialize in building blinds specific to each hunter’s style, needs, and location setup. We make a limited number every year as our priority is ALWAYS quality over quantity. If you are interested in a Tank Blind, don’t wait until July to order as we will sell out long before season starts!**

Every Tank Blind is built ready to hunt with standard features unmatched by any other blind on the market!

Whether you hunt with a rifle or bow, we can custom build your blind specific to your hunting location and style.

Should you want additional upgrades, choose from the following custom options.

Custom Options:

  • 5 – 16″ Wide Gun Windows Included w/Base Model
  • Max. 7 Windows + Door Window (8 Total)
  • **NEW 24″ Wide Gun Window (Max. 5/Blind)**
  • 24″ Tall Bow Window Upgrade
  • 36″ Tall Bow Window Upgrade
  • Door Window
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Blackout Solar Screen (16″ Wide Gun)
  • Blackout Solar Screen (24″ Wide Gun)
  • Blackout Solar Screen (Bow)
  • Blind Without Solar Screens
  • Blind With Solar Screens
  • Folding Table Bench Rest
  • Universal Bench Rest Window Mount
  • Ceiling Bow Holder
  • Bow Window-Gun Rest
  • Coat Rack
  • Wall Lean-To Gun Rest
  • Portable Air Conditioner & Cooler
  • Upgraded Dark Brown Carpet
  • Floor Carpet Padding
  • Sandbag Gun Rest
  • Kids Shooting Stool/Carpeted Foot Rest
  • Break-Up Camo Paint 2 Color
  • Break-Up Camo Paint 1 Color
  • In-Between Window Shelf
  • Upper Storage Shelf
  • Lower Windowsill Shelf
  • Shelf Cup Holder
  • LED Entry Light
  • Bottle Opener
  • 32 oz. RTIC Tank Blind Tumbler
  • Tank Blind Hat
  • 20′ Tower w/Porch & Staircase
  • 15′ Tower w/Porch & Staircase
  • 10′ Tower w/Porch & Staircase
  • 5’ Tower w/Porch & Staircase
  • 2.5′ Platform w/Porch & Staircase
  • Custom Tower & Skid Platforms Available
  • Leveling Platform Skids (Set of 4)
  • Flatbed Trailer Mount
  • 4′ Skid Platform, Porch, & Staircase
  • 4′ Skid Platform & Staircase
  • 2′ Skid Platform & Staircase
  • 6″ Ground Stand Base
  • Propane Bottle Storage Box
  • Insulated Well House
  • 5-10′ Tower Anchor Kit
  • 15′ Tower Anchor Kit
  • 20′ Tower Anchor Kit
  • Tower Leg Anchor Stakes
  • Modified Bow Porch Handrail
  • Side Entry Staircase
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Receiver Hitch Cargo Hauler

Click below to contact Tank Blinds and order your own, custom blind today!

When you do be sure to mention you heard about them from Feed Bandit and you'll get 5% off your blind!

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