In this episode the guys are honored to be joined by Jamie Bulger, the founder, president and CEO of Hunter’s Edge (https://www.hunters-edge.com/) where they discuss how he got started in the scent cover and odor elimination business and why it is so important to use products such as his while out in the field.

We also talk about his exceptional line of decoys, calls and hunting chairs. It is a fun and educational discussion with a very passionate hunter and businessman who is creating amazing products to help you “Outwit The Game You Hunt.”

Please check out all the products over at Hunter’s Edge (https://www.hunters-edge.com/). You can also follow them on Facebook @MacDaddyCaddy.

Outwit The Game You Hunt!

See below for the products discussed in this episode:

Jamie’s 187 B&C Buck

Stock media provided by Artmuns / Pond5

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