In this episode since we are getting closer to deer season we thought it would be good to have a refresher on some things starting with how we care for our venison. This is the beginning of a series that discusses one of those things that is not emphasized as much as getting that trophy or preparing your land ahead of time but it is so important to getting a good meal out of your meat. Don’t forget to check out our episode with Bison Coolers (https://feedbandit.com/feed-bandit-podcast-episode-42-bison-coolers-with-jeremy-denson/) and KoolerGel (https://feedbandit.com/feed-bandit-podcast-episode-21-koolergel-and-the-trophy-bag-kooler-with-steve-glass/) as they both can be used to help in that all important part of your hunt, protecting your meat! Enjoy!

Stock media provided by Artmuns / Pond5

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