Game camera mounts and supplemental mineral both are yet another essential tool in the arsenal of any dedicated hunter. We were sent a few Ultimate Camera Mounts and some more Rack Addiction Mineral to try out so we tested them both at Rancho Bandido and they both impressed! (This was the second time for Rack Addiction Minerals; see original test here: (https://feedbandit.com/rack-addiction-minerals-product-review/)

We were honored to conduct yet another product review test for two companies founded by hunters and dedicated to hunters. When we were approached by Rack Addiction Minerals and Ultimate Camera Mounts we decided to conduct the test simultaniously and in two different locations.

Trial Location #1

Having previously tested Rack Addiction Minerals we knew we could place it just about anywhere and the results would be the same…GREAT! This time we decided to place this camera along a trail coming into a feeding station.

What’s unique about this location is that we did not have a suitable tree along this particular trail to hang the camera. Any other time we would of had to return to camp to get tree loppers and straps to find a decent tree in which to hang the camera.

Even if we were successful in doing this the angle would not have been what we wanted so the fact that we could screw the Ultimate Camera Mount into a dead stump at eye level with the animals was a huge life saver.

As we mentioned the camera was facing a smaller clearing. The dead stump was positioned perfectly to mount the camera. We placed the Rack Addiction Mineral about 15 yards away, just off of the main trail.

We found the Ultimate Camera Mount to be very easy to install. I have found that some, more ridged game camera mounts are a bit more cumbersome to install but not this one. Another feature we really liked is how you can very easily adjust the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT of the camera.

Trial Location #1 was a huge success in that the Ultimate Camera Mount gave us the flexibility to mount it where we felt it would be best and because our Rack Addiction Minerals didn’t last for more than two days!


Trial Location #2

Trial Location #2 would serve to be a good test for the positioning flexibility and durability of the Ultimate Camera Mount

This location is near a very popular spin feeder where we feed deer protein pellets in the off season. This is the same location where we fed the Rack Addiction Minerals the first time. Much like the first time, it didn’t last long!

This location has a nice mesquite tree near the feeder that I have always wanted to mount a camera on it without having to use a stick to deal with the angle.

Not only did I not have to mess with a stick I also did not have to use a strap! The Ultimate Camera Mount made this set up a breeze.

It was very easy to adjust the camera to the angle I thought would be best. Thought is the key word…I was a bit high BUT we still captured a lot of animals decimating the Rack Addiction Mineral.

Black Buck Antelope
Some of our native Texas ladies!
Skinny looking buck. He needs some Rack Addition via IV drip!
The future…Mr or Mrs. Black Buck Antelope

I mentioned earlier that the second trial location would be a true test of the Ultimate Camera Mount’s durability. We had what one can only call ” A HELL OF A STORM” blow in and despite sideways rain and very high winds the Ultimate Camera Mount held tight!

I have been looking at trail camera pictures for a long time. I have never seen rain trigger a camera…especially at night!


We’d like to thank our friends at Rack Addiction Minerals and Ultimate Camera Mount for allowing us to put their lively hood to the test. We can safely say that both products have the Feed Bandit seal of approval!

Our animals are still plenty hungry so if you are a feed dealer or manufacturer and you’d like us to test your feed please let us know! The Feed Bandit ranch, Rancho Bandido, is an outstanding place to test hunting gear and various wild game feed types on not only native Texas animals such as the whitetail deer and Rio Grande turkey but also on exotic game such as the black buck antelope and axis deer. If you’d like us to review your product, please let us know HERE!

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